ZAMEK Culture Centre

13. FESTIWAL ETHNO PORT POZNAŃ \ let's meet in september! [update]

Dear Fans of Ethno Port!

We do hope that you’re doing well and coping somehow in these troubled and strange times. One thing we all find particularly distressing is the inability to make any plans based on reliable forecasts.

As you know, the new date of yet another edition of the Festival has been set for early September. However, organizing the event as we did in previous years seems impossible today. We know nothing about the restrictions to protect public health that may apply in autumn; also, one can only speculate whether borders will have been opened by that time. Another major concern is that the substantial financial losses which have affected our institution as well, may undermine all, even the best-made plans.  The circumstances effectively prevent us from working things out with the artists, negotiating with their agents and making any kind of serious arrangements.

At the same time, we cannot imagine a situation where this year’s Ethno Port Poznań does not take place at all! Therefore, we’re planning to hold it as announced—in September—but a number of variants are taken into account: from the festival moving entirely online to a mixed formula, with several concerts taking place at ZAMEK Culture Centre. We are perfectly aware that whatever we might come up with, the things we love the most will suffer anyway: the extraordinary atmosphere of the festival, the wonderful experience of meeting You and listening to music together. Still, we hope very much that Ethno Port festivals that will follow the somewhat ill-fated 13th edition will be as joyous a celebration as it has ever been each June so far.

We are grateful to all who have purchased the festival passes we have been selling this year. Even though the dates changed, we thought they would still serve those who decided to attend the Festival in September.   Given the current situation, however, we are compelled to ask you to visit our website:

where you will find out how to return tickets to events at ZAMEK Culture Centre. New terms and ways of taking part in the Festival—in a form the realities will enable us to organize it—will be announced as soon as practicable.

We look forward to seeing you all back really soon,

ZAMEK Culture Centre, organizers of the Ethno Port Poznań Festival