ZAMEK Culture Centre

Ethno Port Poznań

This year will see the 13th edition of the Ethno Port Festival Poznań (5-7.06.2020) at ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań.
It seemed for a moment that there is a grain of truth to the superstition. The thirteenth Ethno Port could have been unlucky, even doomed not to take place at all.
And yet, things worked out in the end! From June 5th to 7th, 2020, the best audience there is will be able to see some extraordinary acts and no fewer concerts than in previous years. Festival-goers will also have an opportunity to meet during workshops, dance parties, film showings and meetings. We will listen with particular attention to what is going on in Africa, an enormous, diverse, and dynamically changing continent. Music from that part of the world has always been present at Ethno Port and it will make up the most of our programme this year, though artists from Asia and Europe will not be lacking. As is our tradition, Polish folk acts will be there as well.
We are very happy that we can look forward to the music-laden festival days, days which bring joy, inspire emotion, and foster the sense that the great, diverse world is still beautiful despite the challenges of our times.  
At this point, we can proudly announce the first artists coming to Poznań this year:
- Maya Youssef (Syria/Great Britain)
- Trio Da Kali (Mali, pictured)
- Les Filles De Illighadad (Niger)

Three-day passes to the entire festival (PLN 190) are already available. You can purchase them here.

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