ZAMEK Culture Centre

ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE \ meeting with Piotr Armianovski

Piotr Armianovski is a Ukrainian director and performer. He is staying in Poznań as an artist-in-residence at Zamek Culture Centre and fellow of Gaude Polonia, a grant awarded by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Among others, Piotr studied with Marina Abramović and Janusz Baldyga. Following the Russian-Ukrainian war which was fought in and around his hometown of Donetsk, Piotr has focused on documentary filmmaking. His films have been shown and awarded at various international festivals and exhibitions. 

During our meeting, Piotr will talk about himself and show a few of his films, including  Volodia. A Hero of the Revolution, Me and Mariupol,  The People's Museum of Avdiivka. The event will be in Polish while the films will be screened in Ukrainian with English subtitles.  

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