ZAMEK Culture Centre

FAMILY WORKSHOPS: If a Circle was a Square

Polymorphic planes, colourful figures, criss-crossing lines and their associations in space will provide a pretext to create original abstract objects. Taking inspiration from the form-oriented works of Sophie Taeuber-Arp, we will create a forest of geometric shapes. Like the French art group Abstraction-Création, we are going to assemble a collection of figures, colours and lines. Shape and colour will provide us with the basic structural elements of our unique pieces; later on, their arrangement and placement in our immediate surroundings will come into play, whether in a room, garden, on a terrace or under a table. During the workshops, we are going to hone our technique of creating vibrant mathematical forms. Thus, we will forge an abstract language of shapes.

FAMILY WORKSHOPS: If a Circle was a Square
Held as part of the ENE DUE DE Festival of Design and Creativity
Conducted by Martyna Rzepecka
Number of participants: 12 persons
For participants aged 7-13
h 12 p.m. | The Exhibition Hall | Entry with valid exhibition ticket or complimentary ticket