ZAMEK Culture Centre

"Performances of the Dadaists: Trauma, Unbelief, Irony" \ lecture

It is presumed, as often asserted in handbooks, that Dada performances were a kind of pretentious fooling around in which form exceeded the substance. However, when closely examined, with their social and historical background duly taken into account, they do not appear to deserve such a disparaging treatment. In actual fact, they represented quite a thoroughly thought-out response of young artists to the trauma of war, an expression of loss of faith in the order of the Western world and progress. Provocative though they were, they harboured tragic irony. Thus approached, they become fairly serious manifestation of the state of mind of the young European generation, who had been sorely tried by the disaster that ravaged their continent. 

The lecture will be interpreted into Polish sign language.
moderated by Juliusz Tyszka