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POBRATYMCY/ПОБРАТИМЦI \ open call 2019/2020 \ deadline: 28.07.


Poznan/Kharkiv - Research Residency Oraganizors: Poland-Ukraine Association in Poznań, ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań and YermilovCentre in Kharkiv.

Visual artists from Kharkiv are hereby invited to submit applications for one-person residency at ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań. Selected artist would be invited for a monthly stay in October/November.

The working language of the residency project is English. Organizers ensure:
- organising travel and covering its cost (return travel Kharkiv - Poznań),
- accommodation,
- artist fee (250 Euro gross),
- daily allowance,
- working space and venue for meetings with the audience (access to studios if needed) Application for a residency must be sent to

Deadline: 28.07.2019

Language of application: English Applications must consist of:
- pdf file containing: CV, artist’s statement and a cover letter (short description of - reasons for applying)
- pdf with portfolio

Residents are not be expected to conceive and stage an art exhibition which would mark the completion and constitute recapitulation of the residency. Artists are nevertheless expected to organize at least one open event for the public (open studio, lecture, workshop etc.)
- take part in artistic life of the city, proceeding meetings with curators, artists and institutions
- prepare a report following their residency.

1. The programme is organised by the Poland-Ukraine Association in Poznań, ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań and YermilovCentre in Kharkiv.
2. The enrolment aims to select artists for one-person residency at an art institution in one of the twin cities. Selected artist from Kharkiv would be invited for a monthly stay at ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań in October/September and an artist from Poznań would be invited for a stay of the same duration at YermilovCentre in Kharkiv in September/November.
3. The chief premise of the programme is to support artistic collaboration between Poznań and Kharkiv by supporting stay of artists in the twin cities. The programme is an annual undertaking.
4. Only one-person applications are admitted.
5. Only applications in English are admitted.
6. The deadline for submissions is 28.07.2019.
7. Results of the final selection will be announced by August 14th 2019.
8. The selection committee includes:

Ola Kuźmicz - Member of the Socio-Cultural Association “Poland-Ukraine”

 Jagna Domżalska - Coordinator of Artist-in-Residency Programme, Interdisciplinary Projects Section

 Olena Kasperovych - Curator of artists residency program, YermilovCentre.

1.       During the subsequent stage project budgets will be prepared and the manner of their financing determined.

2.       Organisers reserve the right to reject submissions which do not meet the requirements of these terms and conditions.

3.       Authors of selected projects shall provide necessary material to promote the residency. General material (personal details, biographical note and picture of the resident, description of the residency, graphic material) is to be supplied immediately upon having been selected; detailed materials (exact dates, precise description of the event, final graphic material) will be provided two months prior to the first scheduled event of the residency.

4.       By submitting the application, the applicant agrees to these terms and conditions and consents for their personal details to be processed for the purposes of this enrolment as well as other enrolments and competitions.

5.       The organisers reserve the right to include selected works or its fragments without consideration in publicity materials of the Organisers, including online publications, catalogues and other publications relating to results of enrolment as well as to publish the aforesaid in newspapers or feature it in radio and television broadcasts.

6.       Information regarding the programme and applications: All information may be obtained from:

Olena Kasperovych

APPLICATION FORMDeclaration of consent to processing of personal data