Centrum Kultury Zamek

MALTA FESTIVAL POZNAŃ \ Army of the Individual \ 21-30.06.

Malta Festival Poznań combines theatre, dance, film, music, visual arts and urban experience. The catchphrase this year is Army of the Individual, with Nástio Mosquito as the curator of the Idiom. It is at the Castle that Mosquito will show the latest project; No.One.Gives.A.Mosquito’s.Ass.About.My.Gig is a performance-concert in honour of karaoke. Alice Joana Gonçalves will appear with The Foxes, an intimate dance performance for two persons, while Lisbeth Gruwez is going to show a dance solo speaking of the violence that may be hidden in words, entitled It's Going to Get Worse and Worse and Worse, My Friend. Kelly Schacht, aided by persons with disabilities, will invite members of the audience to join them in the art intervention The Conversation Pieces.