Centrum Kultury Zamek

Koło Jana

As a break from the dance party, the local band Koło Jana will present its new project called “MandarJan”, which is based on traditional Slavic melodies enriched by exotic sounds of India and supported by European classical tradition.

This unique fusion will give you possibility to dance mantra-like and seek primordiality in movement.

Having been focused mainly on girls' voices for a long time, the group decided now to make use of numerous instruments – you will hear a traditional Polish baraban, a Pontic lira, a distant tabla, a baroque bassoon, and many more. The musicians employ a fresh perspective in music creation, where a fixed form blends seamlessly with improvisation and sheer fun. As one of the artists, Mandara Purandare from India, puts it, it is nothing less than "a coalition of cultures for strings, voices and membranes".

tickets: 20 PLN