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Sultana’s and Jyoti’s first teacher was their grandmother, the renowned Sufi singer Swarn Noora. Growing up, they are said to have preferred to stay with the family doyenne and sing rather than play kokla chapaki, the Punjabi variant of Drop the Handkerchief. Their father, Ustad Gulshan Mir, also played a crucial role in their career, introducing Sultana and Jyoti into the musical realm of Sham Chaurasia gharana.

In the literal sense, Gharana means ‘household’ and denotes the communities of musicians bonded by familial ties, who practice a distinctive vocal or instrumental style. The essence of Sham Chaurasia lies in what is known as jugalbandhi, a duet performance of two solo musicians in which they embark on a kind of artistic competition.

In this field, Nooran Sisters’ mastery is unrivalled. Their dialogue verges on the uncanny, as they use an opulent range of supple singing patterns that render the very spirit of Indian scales, engage in rhythmical pursuits with the pulse of the tabla, shout, and communicate ever so eloquently with onomatopoeias and hand gestures. Their performances are not only an encounter with a fascinating and ancient musical tradition, but also an extraordinary show that can get downright wild sometimes.

Jyoti Nooran – vocal
Sultana Nooran – vocal
Aman John – keyboard
Aniket Chanoriya – percussion
Diwan Chand – dholl
Gagandeep – guitar
Gulshan – keyboard
Ravi Sharma – octapad
Rohit Kumar – dholak
Sahil – tabla
Yadan Kumar – dholak

tickets: 2 PLN
We would like to inform, that the place and hour of the concert may slightly change.



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