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The music of the Garifuna is history enchanted into sound, a tale of the encounter between the Awaraks and Caribs of Central America with the Africans who came there in the colonial times.  The Garifuna Collective are seven musicians from Belize, heirs to a tradition dating back to the 17th century, who skilfully introduce us to that past legacy by means of garaón drums, singing and... electric guitars.

The foremost genre of the coastal regions of Belize is punta, a song in which the soloist dialogues with the choir. Composed mainly by women, puntas are a kind of commentary to social relationships, family life, morality, and eroticism.  Punta also denotes the repeating, common-time rhythm formula which is characteristic of the genre.  

Punta’s beating heart is the garaón primera, a drum well over half a metre high, which sets the tempo and the direction of the musical tale. It is accompanied by the smaller garaón segunda, sometimes called the shadow-drum. Both instruments tend to be modified with one or two guitar strings stretched over the head, which lends an unusual, intriguing sound to the music of the Garifuna.

tickets: 30 PLN
We would like to inform, that the place and hour of the concert may slightly change.

Chela Torres – vocal, percussion
Mohobub Flores – vocal, turtle shells
Sheldon Petillo – vocal
Rolando “Chichiman” Sosa – vocal, maracas
Tyrone Kelly Usher – bass
Al Ovando – guitar
Sam Harris – guitar
Denmark Flores – garaón drum
Keenan Sabal – garaón drum, taniec