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The word lemma has been used in the Saoura region of Algieria for centuries. It expresses everything that may be associated with the gathering of people, be it a meeting over a glass of tea or time spent together with music and dancing. Lemma spells the magic of the moment, keeps the thought and action from dissipating, and cements the culture of the ksour, the desert settlements of south-eastern Algeria.

The music of the eleven women artists of Lemma brings four genres together to yield a cohesive, effervescent whole. The Berber songs called zaffanî provide the structural framework of the group’s repertoire. The declamation-like, high-pitched song of the soloist refuses to obey the rhythmical discipline of the drums, though it still complies with the inner pulse of the compositions. For the whole to be complete the singer has to have someone to converse with, so the choir is there as well; their colloquy follows a stanza-based pattern originating from Andalusian al-farda.

The spiritual essence of Lemma’s music flows in a twofold stream fed by the Sufi-related genres of hadra  and gnâwî. These are not merely forms of artistic expression but also means that enable one to feel divine presence by becoming collectively immersed in the ever faster, ecstatic experience of sound and motion, whilst other senses feast on the fragrance of specially prepared incense and the colour of extraordinary textiles.

Souad Asla – vocal, percussions, dance
Hasna El Becharia – wocal, guembri, guitar
Aziza Tahri – vocal, derbouka, t’bal, bendir, karkabu
Fatima Abbi – vocal, bendir, karkabu, choir
Khedidja Anebi – bendir, karkabu, choir
Mebrouka Brik – vocal, bendir, karkabu
Rabia Boughazi – t’bal, bendir, karkabu, pestle, choir
Sabrina Cheddad – bendir, karkabu, dance, choir
Zohra Kharabi – vocal, t’bal, bendir, karkabu, dance

tickets: 30 PLN
We would like to inform, that the place and hour of the concert may slightly change.