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„Diane for a day” Theater Thikwa

How are identities manifested on stage – and how does one play with them? Inspired by drag king workshops by artist Diane Torr, DIANE FOR A DAY explores new ways of approaching corporeality on stage. Still, not only gender identities are examined, put to trial and tested here, as the theatricality of one’s own and other’s privileges becomes a point of departure for jokes, anger, and (self) empowerment. This is the first project of female performers from Theater Thikwa and the art collective hannsjana, in which they pose questions—with humour, historiographic insight and music—about body standards and gender roles within and without inclusive spaces. 

Created by and featuring: Laura Besch, Sabrina Braemer, Alice Escher, Jule Gorke, Jasmin Lutze, Laura Rammo, Mereika Schulz, Katharina Siemann und Marie Weich
Concept: hannsjana
Stage design: hannsjana
Costumes: Heike Braitmayer
Lighting design: Julian Besch

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