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The combination of the songs sung by slaves with African ancestry and the religious traditions of white Christians resulted in forms and styles of music which cannot be found anywhere except the United States. Here, the call and response formula fused brilliantly with the concept of polyphony, giving rise to music known as  gospel.

Black inhabitants of the American South embraced it not only as a way to share in the religious experience in which singing brought about the spiritual elevation of the soul. In the 18th and 19th century, Protestant services were the sole opportunity for African Americans—who suffered extreme social exclusion—to strengthen the sense of community, uphold their identity, and tend to their history, branded by the hardships of slavery.  

Ester Mae Smith, Angela Taylor and Della Daniels make up an exceptional trio. The singers were all born, grew up, and continue to live in Como, a town in the Mississippi basin, where the traditions of religious song that echo African heritage are still alive, pulsing in the bloodstream of that small community. Following the uniquely local gospel-blues recipe, the artist combine three individual vocal styles to deliver loads of incredibly energizing music.

Angelia Taylor – vocal
Ester Wilbourn – vocal
Della Wright – vocal
Jacob Fussel – guitar
Wallace Lester – drums

tickets: 30 PLN
We would like to inform, that the place and hour of the concert may slightly change.