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MAYA YOUSSEF\Siria / Great Britain

Maya Youssef first heard the recorded sound of the qanun zither in a cab in which she traveled with her brother through the streets of Damascus to get to classes at the Higher Institute of Music. On her lap, she held the brand new violin she had just been given by her parents. Spellbound by the unknown tones she abandoned the violin, joined the qanun class, and soon began to enjoy her first successes as a musician.

The artist accomplishes an extraordinarily convincing synthesis of the traditional ways of playing the Middle Eastern zither with the contemporary, inspiration-laden reality. Though incredibly focused on the essence of the art of qanun, she continually shifts the boundaries of what it can do. This allows Maya to conceive and give form to opulent, original, and multidimensional musical realms.

Last year, Maya Youssef released an album containing compositions which, in their own special way, echo the situation in her native country. On the one hand, they portray the sufferings that Syrians go through in their war-torn land. And yet, they are filled with hope and resound with the affirmation of life, while the artist herself underlines that performing music is the best cure one can have for pain and sorrow. During the concert, Maya will be accompanied by percussionist Elizabeth Nott and Stefan Knapik on cello

tickets: 30 PLN
We would like to inform, that the place and hour of the concert may slightly change.

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