Centrum Kultury Zamek


We would like to inform you that as of February 1st, 2019, following changes of the law governing VAT recovery by cultural institutions, an entry fee in the symbolic amount of PLN 2 will be charged on some—previously free—events.

We still wish to offer our audiences a compelling, innovative programme, which is why we must take care to ensure ongoing, stable financing. However, the changes introduced in VAT legislation since 2016 prevent cultural institutions from recovering the tax they have previously paid, as it remains held in the central budget. This considerably affects our financial standing, reducing the funds that could otherwise be allocated to cultural undertakings.

The situation can be ameliorated by charging fees for entry to the events we organize. This is not intended to reimburse the now irrecoverable tax, especially that the fees are minimal (PLN 2). Nonetheless, fee-based operation enables us to recover larger amounts of VAT than if we organized events where entry is free of charge.

Taking the decision to adopt the above solution has been extremely difficult, as we strongly believe in being an open institution and have always striven to be a venue accessible to everyone. However, in order to hold cultural events for the public at CK ZAMEK, we must have funds to finance them from start to finish. Each fee paid enables us to recover VAT amounts which far exceed the revenue from ticket sales.

We thank you for your understanding and hope to see you at CK ZAMEK.