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THE MYTHS \OF PRZYLESIE \ dir. Ewa Szumska \ Nowi w Nowym Dramatic Group

Wojciech Deneka Nowi w Nowym Dramatic Group, in other words the participants of the Occupational Therapy Workshop “Przylesie” which functions as part of the Association Na Tak are proud to invite all to The Myths of Przylesie.

After the enchanting At the Dump, a piece laden with fairytale-like magic, and the surrealist tale of desires, thoughts and emotions entitled The Centre is Where I Am", Ewa Szumska and her actors assume the roles of cultural anthropologists who delve into the secrets of Everything.  

“We have drawn on the Secrets of the Beginning – Myths of World Creation by Anna Onichimowska. Totally captivated by the beauty of stories originating from different cultures, we have chosen Above and Below, written down in Ivory Coast by the Congolese poet Tchicaya U Tam'si, in order to introduce the audience to our own myth of Przylesie”, the director reveals.

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