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Christmas Concert\by SKOWRONKI \Girls’ Choir

Not long before Christmas, SKOWRONKI are going to take listeners to Bethlehem, to the pastures filled with sheep and shepherds, using sound to talk about God who becomes Human. SKOWRONKI are going to sing the well and the less known carols, both Polish and international, in innovative as well as classic arrangements. Naturally, everyone’s favourite carols, such as “Lulajże Jezuniu”, “Cicha noc” or “Przybieżeli do Betlejem”, will be there as well.

performed by:
SKOWRONKI Girls’ Choir
conducted by Alicja Szeluga

Małe SKOWRONKI Girls’ Choir
conducted by Julia Łynsza

Czesław Łynsza – piano
Beata Polak – drums
Marzena Michałowska – vocal supervision
Teresa Nowak – stage movement

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