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Iannis Xenakis Inspirations in Sound and Space – a lesson in listening / concert

“One has to catch hold of the  listener and, whether they like it or not, drag them into the corridor through which the sounds flow.” This is how Iannis Xenakis—composer, engineer, architect, performance artist, visionary of new art, disciple of Olivier Messiaen, associate of Le Corbusier, inventor and bold experimenter—would describe his work in the realm of music.

Can the links between architecture and music be experienced more profoundly than merely in their acoustic aspect? Can any similarities be discerned in composing a piece of music and a piece of architecture?

In the 20th century, Xenakis’s oeuvre, his experiments with form, texture, light and coloured went against all established stereotypes and transcended the boundaries of the notions of art. Time has passed, but his new definitions for music and space have remained as bold and novel as ever.