ZAMEK Culture Centre

CONCAVE \ dir. Ewa \ Obrębowska-Piasecka

what the hell for?

“So far, I have been a spectator and reviewer. I would sometimes dream of entering the world of the show and really being in it with the actors. Perhaps even staying there for good. My friends say (not without a hint of irony) that I believe in theatre more than I do in life.
This performance has been on my mind for many months. As an attempt to return to a time gone by. As a tribute to Convex by Teatr Wierzbak, which shaped the way I think of art much more than anything else. A gesture of esteem for the actors I have loved for years: Grażyna Wydrowska and Janusz Stolarski. And a dream come true for Patryk Krause, whose faith in theatre is even stronger than mine.”
– Ewa Obrębowska-Piasecka

This performance is a part of our Common Theatre, an authorial performative arts project which launched at ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań in 2016. It is dedicated to showcasing performances created by persons facing exclusion due to disability or social status.

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