Centrum Kultury Zamek

ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE 2019 \ open call

Artists representing visual arts, music, sound art, dance, performance art, choreography, literature, architecture, cinematography and other domains are hereby invited to submit applications for one-person residency at ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań.

Due to considerable limitation of available space caused by conservation works taking place in the building in 2019, we will only be able to carry out projects which do not require space as well as research projects. 

ZAMEK Culture Centre is an interdisciplinary institution, presenting the most interesting phenomena in contemporary culture, in which the interwoven threads of visual arts, theatre, cinema, music and literature intermingle and complement one another. Our goal is to cater for the diverse needs of the audience and to develop individual competence and sensibilities of its members. We also wish to be a venue of artistic experiment, by providing artists with opportunities and conditions in which their work may take shape and encounters with the audience take place. 

The 2019 edition of the programme provides for one-person artistic projects and one-person  educational projects. The theme and the scale of the project is at the discretion of the resident who can work and carry out meetings with the public or additionally produce the final event in collaboration with CK Zamek, the host institution. However, in view of the structural repairs and maintenance scheduled for that year, we prefer short-term projects which do not necessitate large space for the final event and research projects.

open call 2019

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