Centrum Kultury Zamek


Hałasy are no doubt Poznań’s best known family of musicians. On top of that, a family who live a different life than most, somewhat against the grain, with much imagination and a pinch of crazy. The can pack their world and set off direction adventure, hungry for new experiences, cultures and sounds.  Then, once they return, they eagerly share the adventure with others, using a mobile cultural facility: a yurt filled with song and dance.

The parents, Alicja and Jacek are among the first musicians in Poland who became utterly enamoured of culture of the Polish countryside. They can now boast thousands of experiences and encounters under their belt, having met folk artists from Poland, Scandinavia, the Balkans, and the Middle East. They are the founders with Dom Tańca of Poznań, which invites audiences to get to know the austere, spontaneous village music that grows out of the natural rhythms of life.

Their children—Julia, Antoni, Jonasz and Jakub—share deeply in the joy of experiencing the traditional, often forgotten pastimes to the accompaniment of fiddles, drums, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy and other traditional instruments.

Hałasy will perform during the Dance Party.