Centrum Kultury Zamek


In the recent decades, the folklore which had been repressed from collective consciousness witnessed a sweeping revival, though initially it spanned mainly central and eastern parts of the country. With time, enthusiasts of folk music-making began to find inspiration in the music of other regions. In this regard, Krzikopa is exceptional for two reasons.

First, it is one of the few groups who tap into the music of Silesia. Secondly, they pave the way for interpretations combining the tough edge of rock (quite sharp sometimes) and bold electronics. Here, the natural singing goes hand in hand with dubstep accordion and heavy-metal violins, while the inspirations seem endless. Krzikopa fuses it all in no plain fashion, yet without pretence and in good style.

This is how the band put it: “Let us introduce you to a crew which started playing not too long ago and call themselves Krzikopa, meaning a ditch in Polish. They’ve got three songs all told, but more’s in the making, they say. […] It’s all about making right neat noise, the way it’s meant to be in our neck of the woods. The blast is there somewhere in those original songs, you just need to get it out. We want to reach everyone, ‘cause the songs are freaking awesome, but it bothers us that none know it, so we want to change it!”. Obviously, it all sounds so much better in their language, where each word echoes the uniquely robust essence of Silesia.

Krzikopa will perform within the Dance Party