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Concert Hee-moon Lee <Deep舍廊Love>
10 June (Sunday) at 12 p.m. – Scena Nowa
10 June (Sunday) at 3 p.m. – Scena Nowa
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Occupying the mountainous peninsula and thus isolated from continental Asia, Korea has always had that touch of a living treasury of history, preserving styles of music that are unknown anywhere else.  Music of the court may have transformed due to Chinese or Japanese ascendancy, but the folk traditions of Korea remained largely resistant to the cultural impact stemming from its neighbours.

Hee-moon Lee, renowned Korean sorikkun, a folk singer, draws on the oldest musical traditions from the central part of the peninsula, specifically the Gyeonggi province. He delves into the music which accompanied farmers at holidays and ceremonies, in the moments of rest from work and struggle with the unyielding land.

Hee-moon Lee creates intriguing performances, using what folk music so splendidly expresses—the  gratitude for the favours of fate, joy, hope as well as uncertainty of what tomorrow would bring—all in a fusion of recitation, singing, percussive rhythms and gesture. The wealth of means and devices is enchanting, and yet the message is by no means simple, going straight to the mind and heart. The artist goes beyond conventions, merges styles and genres, as well as collaborates with musicians who represent diverse backgrounds and experience. As a result, his work is a never-ending adventure of a pioneer, a quest for truth that music keeps within.