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Mariana Sadovska
is an artist of many talents: an actress, composer, vocalist and pianist whose achievement is nothing short of extraordinary. Born in Lviv, she learned her skills with Les Kurbas Theatre. Later, she contributed to Jerzy Grotowski’s “Slavic Pilgrim” project and worked for many years with the Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice”.

In her work, Mariana Sadovska focuses on the encounter with the person, the audience and other musicians, while her fundamental modus operandi relies on field work. In 1991–2001 Sadovska undertook numerous expeditions, e.g. to Brazil, Egypt, Japan and United States; also, for many years now, the artist has been collaborating with Ukrainian folk singers.

As for vocal conventions, Sadovska is perfectly at ease with many of those, from the natural delivery of countryside singers to soul and bel canto, taking full advantage of what human voice can do. Her song is above all a dialogue with the audience, a meeting during which she makes use of varied sounds: grunting, whispering, moaning, and screaming.

Mariana Sadovska – harmonium, vocal

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