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Muzsikás are an experienced Hungarian
folk ensemble, who celebrate their 45th anniversary this year. Mihály Sipos, László Porteleki, Péter Éri and Dániel Hamar are musicians who approach the music of the countryside and the village singing with much respect and attention, but they are not afraid of bold, far-from-obvious interpretations.
In so doing, they show that tradition should be creatively transformed rather than merely iterated.

The quartet draw on music from various regions, though they are particularly dedicated to the achievement of Hungarian-speaking inhabitants of Transylvania, especially the Székelys of the Transylvanian Plain. Taking from the repository of their folklore, Muzsikás make it yield universal beauty. They refer to the Carpathian musical idiom from the days when that broad highland community counted for more as whole than it does now, as its local manifestations have been fragmented with separate national cultures. Consequently, somewhere amid the distinct Transylvanian notes there are echoes of zbójnicki of Podhale or kolomyjka from the land on the Cheremosh.

Apart for the classic set comprising violins, viola, and double bass, the musicians take advantage of less known instruments, such as Carpathian bagpipes or three-stringed kontra (aka gardon), a very old instrument whose construction resembles bass, but the sound is produced by striking the strings with a special stick instead of being rubbed with a bow.

Mihály Sípos – violin
László Porteleki – violin, koboz, tambura, vocal
Péter Éri – viola, kontra, flutes, mandolin
Dániel Hamar – double bass, gardon, drum
guest performance:
            Hanga Kacsó – vocal, dance

            István Berecz – dance

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