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A FILETTA & FADIA TOMB EL-HAGE\Corsica / Lebanon\ opening concert

A Filetta
France (Corsica)
Fadia Tomb El-Hage (Lebanon)
"Conversation(s)" opening concert

“It was like hearing a voice from the depths
of the earth; a song from the dawn of time; from a beginning that one never dares
believe is possible.” With these words, Dorothy Carrington described her first encounter with Corsican singing in 1948,
and the description can hardly be contested. Indeed, there is something exceptionally enchanting in music from Corsica.

The most characteristic form of the polyphonic chant from the island is paghjella, which relies on the cooperation of three voices: the seconda which sets the tone and melody, the droning bassu and the melismatic terza. They all intertwine into an inimitable, archaic structure full of austere, coarse, untempered intervals. This vocal weave and consonance often produce a “fourth voice” which, as singers believe, proves that they have achieved perfect harmony of music
and spirit.

Paghjella harbours musical traits which reflect the cultural wealth of the Mediterranean. There is choral singing there, and the Renaissance madrigals, and the voice of the muezzin who calls the faithful to prayer.
It is therefore perfectly natural that
the most renowned Corsican équipe,
the all-male A Filetta, join forces with the star of Lebanese music Fadia Tomb El Hage
in a meeting of greatly sensitive artists
and incredible personalities.

Fadia Tomb El-Hage vocal
Jean-Claude Acquaviva
François Aragni
Petr'antò Cast
Paul Giansily
Stéphane Serra
Maxime Vuillamier

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