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is a performance about the communication of bodies, and yet tells a tale transcending our physical form and qualities.  The story created jointly by three dancers explores the essence of touch in everyday gestures, accidental situations and exceptional moments, testing the diverse variants and ramifications of corporeal encounters. Each touch harbours a different, unique quality and information, produces sensations, and triggers intuitive reactions. touch_me  examines that omnipresent, albeit sometimes overlooked, sensorial plane of our being, magicking out a choreographic cosmos.

tanzbar_bremen is a collective of dancers, choreographers, theatre instructors, social workers and cultural practitioners, composed of both able and disabled members. The goals of the association include educational and artistic activities with contemporary dance at the core of it, whereby people without disabilities and those who struggle with various handicaps come together to collaborate. Such objectives can be pursued thanks to e.g. financial support of the local government bodies. Apart from continuous training in dance techniques and further education, the association offers its members an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents in front of an audience. tanzbar_bremen can boast numerous theatre productions, most of which have been created and staged thanks to close collaboration with steptext dance project at Schwankhalle in Bremen.

choreographed and performed by Neele Buchholz, Corinna Mindt, Oskar Spatz
lighting – Timo Reichenberger
dramaturgy – Günther Grollitsch, Lars Mindt
production – tanzbar_bremen / steptext dance project, made as part of Modellprojekt KompeTanz

This performance is shown as part of the Common Theatre, an authorial performative arts programme at ZAMEK Culture Centre since 2016. Common Theatre performances are created by milieus facing exclusion due to disability or social circumstances.

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