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CITIZEN ST. MARTIN \ St. Martin Street Name Day

NOVEMBER 11th is a national holiday established so that we may remember how the country’s independence was regained, how a period of over 100 years when the decisions about our affairs and rights were not ours to make came to an end. For the last 28 years, we have been trying to build a democratic country, a community of equal citizens who leave no one stranded on the shores of failure and poverty.

Non-governmental organizations are among the fundaments of a civic society. The challenges that various foundations and associations strive to overcome span a vast range of issues: from homelessness, counteracting exclusion and violence of all kinds, to medical and palliative care. The activities of NGOs have become a vital element of our reality and today one can hardly imagine the functioning of our community without the commitment of persons working there.

Financing NGOs is a pivotal element without which they cannot function effectively. Making them dependent on public funding means the risk of ideology and politics coming into play, especially that the mechanism of transparent competitions relying on evidence-based, expert assessment to single out the best projects to tackle tasks set by the authority is being undermined.

THE DAY OF INDEPENDENCE in our city is exceptional, in that it is interwoven with the celebrations of St. Martin street name day. The city’s exceedingly popular saint is most often represented as he shares half of his cloak with a beggar. The scene is a reminder of the constant necessity to pay attention to those who need our help. Thus, this year’s St. Martin Street Name Day, an event ZAMEK Culture Centre has organized for many years now, will focus primarily on how that help is delivered by non-governmental organizations.

During that all-day event, representatives of several foundations and associations involved in varied social actions will take the floor. We will be trying to show the tremendous potential that NGOs have in our region and promote the idea of volunteering. Most of all, however, appreciating the risks inherent in the announced statutory changes on the one hand, and the significance of independence of NGOs from current politics on the other, we would like to launch a project whereby the non-governmental sector receives our regular support. “Eleven zlotys once a month, please” is a catchphrase with which we want to make all members of our community aware that you do not need much to help troubled initiatives effectively. The amount to be donated each month to a selected NGO is obviously only a suggestion, drawing on the date of the national holiday. The crucial thing is to promote a habit of supporting such bodies, where constancy and regularity matter much more than the amount of donated money.

hr 11-21 Mini funfair / Plac Mickiewicza
hr 11-21 St. Martin’s croissant fair / al. Niepodległości
hr 13.30 Parade: from Rondo Kaponiera to CK ZAMEK
hr 14 The Handing of the City Keys, with Mayor of the City of Poznań / in front of CK ZAMEK
hr 14.15 Live concert: DIKANDA / in front of CK ZAMEK
hr 15-17 Meetings with representatives of NGOs involved in social undertakings / Plac Mickiewicza
hr 18 Live concert: Orkiestra Prowincjonalna / in front of CK ZAMEK
hr 19.30 Live concert: Raz Dwa Trzy / in front of CK ZAMEK
hr 21.30 Firework display / in front of CK ZAMEK

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