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CYRKOSTRADA\artistic guidance: Iwona Pasińska

The play premiered on December 10, 2016,
crowning the first year of the Universal Theatre programme at the ZAMEK Culture Centre.

"Cyrkostrada" was inspired by Fellini’s fameous "La Strada", whose core theme is that of a journey. Here, these are senior and children actors who take the stage, a troupe known to the Poznań audience from previous performances created by Iwona Pasińska at ZAMEK Culture Centre. This time, the company meet at the New Circus, whose extravagant panache, wealth of colours, acrobatic feats, animal taming and antics of the clowns provide a framework for the successive reminiscences of the elderly performers.

Artistic guidance and supervision: Iwona Pasińska.

Performance is a part of the COMMON THEATRE - authorial performative project realize by Zamek Culture Centre in Poznan, which brings us performances created by people from milieus facing social or disability-related exclusion. The eponymous “commonness” denotes first and foremost the universal need to find oneself in a creative process. It is also a token of our intentions and efforts to make theatre created by the disabled or persons facing social exclusion a fully-fledged artistic phenomenon.

The performances are also accompanied by educational activities and workshops. COMMON THEATRE aspires for an equally powerful effect on the active participants and the audience alike. The effort of overcoming barriers and stereotypes should be made by both.

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Występują: Janina Bela, Emilia Landskowska, Irena Rembalska, Małgorzata Okulicz – Kozaryn, Tadeusz Anioła, Hanna Wojciechowska, Aleksandra Nikodem, Teresa Sałamaszek, Genowefa Jóźwiak, Ilona Lewandowska, Anna Jurewicz – Jastrząb, Maja Kubaszewska – Rogal, Róża Łakatosz, Bogdana Gąsiorek, Alicja Lisiak – Osińska, Katarzyna Gorzelaczyk, Elżbieta Chojnacka, Róża Gulik, Grażyna Idkowiak, Urszula Różycka, Andrzej Figiel, Elżbieta Kołodziej, Krystyna Rydz, Roma Knast, Borys Gierliński, Amelia Gierlińska, Julia Kędzierska, Emilia Panek, Patrycja Wróblewska, Letycja Jacyna, Janina Milejczak, Maria Repczyńska



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