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CLOWNS, ABOUT\A FAMILY. \EPISODE 3\ director: Justyna Sobczyk

Clowns, about a family. Episode 3ʺ
speaks about the last item on the wish list, which is family. This time, we will see the protagonists gathered in a training apartment. The performance draws upon the tradition
of circus, which until the early 20th century displayed all kinds of 'otherness’. Those displays were staged in the manner
of theatrical shows and enjoyed tremendous popularity. Has the presence of persons
with disabilities in public space changed since then? Have we actually found a path and way of integration?  

Each part of the series is a separate, self-standing piece, which tells a story about pursuing one of the dreams shared by a group of unemployed actors. The first episode was concerned with an exotic journey ‘to the source’. The second part, ʺFallsʺ, is about affluence and the desire to experience it.
The story “takes place at a hotel in faraway Mongolia. The actors have obtained funds
for an all-inclusive holiday. The exclusive
hotel has a special offer for people with
an additional chromosome. What lies in store for the actors? Will the price of luxury prove too high?” 


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