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SEESAW\ choreography:\Linda Weißig\ (Germany)

An extraordinarily subtle dance performance, filled with a magic-like movement, fleeting images, fairytale figures and beautiful music. Its authors drew inspiration from Meret Oppenheim’s ʺDream Diary 1928-1985ʺ.
The show focuses on the varied states of mind we experience every day, when transported into a different, unreal world. Dreams are always personal, showing our everyday lives, fears, weaknesses, strengths and longings. ʺSeesawʺ is that kind of a dream diary, showing subconscious sympathies and antipathies, anxieties, joys and the dreams of individual dancers. The seesaw stands for the freedom one gains in their sleep. ʺSeesawʺ is a journey through the night, where no logic reigns. 

THEATER THIKWA is an artistic collective of disabled and able-bodied actors. This successful social experiment has been going on for 25 years, eventually becoming a fully-fledged theatre with its own repertoire and a much to offer in terms of artistic value and dramatic skill.  The characteristic feature of all Thikwa’s productions is seeking for an aesthetic which allows both individual idiosyncrasies and shared traits to be expressed. The areas they explore artistically include theatre, performance art, dance, music, the spoken word as well as all that may be found in between. 



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