ZAMEK Culture Centre

Lauren Marsolier \ PRESENCE

exhibition in the series CREATIVE EYE EXERCISES

PRESENCE is a show devoted to works by Lauren Marsolier from her Transition series. The project, developed from 2005 to 2013, delivers photographs of places which constitute carefully constructed, minimalist compositions in a muted colour palette. The spaces, devoid of any characteristic elements which would permit identification, engender reflection on our presence in a given place and the process in which it is experienced, as well as on the crucial issue of relocation and transition. In the course of post-production, Marsolier combines elements from a number of various places to create new configurations. As a result, she arrives at metaphysical and yet very real landscapes.

Lauren Marsolier (born 1972 in France), is a Los Angeles-based photographer. Her works may be found in the collections of many prestigious institutions, including Los Angeles County Museum of Art or the Center for Creative Photography w Tucson. Marsolier participated in numerous exhibitions, such as the 2013 collective show entitled The Fields of Photography at the Somerset House in London.


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