ZAMEK Culture Centre

I WOKE UP AN ADULT \ exhibition by Gosia Bartosik

The residency project New Women Order – Women’s Creativity, Communities and Revolutions of the 21st Century  has become a process in a continual act of creation.  The exhibition crowning the project is the outcome of journey and travelling from the muddy mires of solitude to sisterly feasts. A plastic filter of events, conversations and meetings taking place around the open studio 101, constitutes visually palpable building blocks which gave shape to that personal show.

I Woke Up an Adult is a title which sums up half a year of creative work. A time of painting of flesh and blood, whose body and paint solidified and set on the bedrock of canvas.  A painting of lies and truth, which in the colours and shapes delivers a substance more genuine than words could ever do. They are a pictorial herstory of that time, and the reflexes she plucked from it, reflexes which sting the eye the most. A “picturesque” commentary to being here and now. Half a year of digesting, analyses and thoughts, notes, colours and jokes. About the world and the relations.

I Woke Up an Adult and painted a few slides about love, closeness, sex, motherhood, freedom and painting.