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Part Of The Kitchen is a band brought together by the love of food and music. It all began in a kitchen of a third-floor apartment in an old tenement, somewhere between the aged dresser and the shelves with jars of pickles. The themes of their compositions are simple and universal, as they address being with another and with oneself.  It is no great feat to see what the message is: it is about issues, relations and emotions that have to be confronted everyday by each of us.

NaliaH is a project based on the music and lyrics by Natalia Hofmann, in which she is accompanied by Hubert Torzewski on drums, Bartosz Mielcarek and  Maciej Nawrocki on guitars, Jędrzej Kaniewski on bass, Jan Stachowiak playing trombone and Paweł Tomczyk doing the keyboards. In February 20177, the group released their debut album, entitled Long Way Out.  The band plays soul, embellished with elements of alternative rock with a touch of blues and reggae.

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