ZAMEK Culture Centre

PASSERBY PAINTING ‒ exhibition by Piotr C. Kowalski

The exhibition recapitulates six months of Kowalski’s work at CK ZAMEK. Over the last two decades, the artist has created numerous “passerby paintings” in various parts of the world, allowing actual passers-by to contribute inadvertently to their creation. This time, Kowalski has spread the canvases throughout the castle, and for some time they continued to gather the traces of people in the building: the staff of the institution, regular visitors as well as the diverse types of floors found in this place. Assembled into one, large composition, they will become a jointly created “passerby painting” which records a dialogue of the past and present.

The show will also feature other passer-by and drive-through paintings by Kowalski, as well as works created by participants of workshops which the artist ran during his residency.

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