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“I’m Running” - performed by Jest Jak Jest Group, dir. Grażyna Wydrowska

Performance for all ages, translated into Polish Sign Language.

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“, run, the pangs in your chest is all that’s yours.” K . Miłobędzka

I’m Running is yet another performance which reflects on identity formation in adults with disabilities, continuing from the previous I'm Scared of Your Ever-Larger Shoes, staged in 2022. Exploring the domain between insatiable adulthood and the possibilities of actualizing it, the actors:

- pose questions:
How to run when your ever-larger shoes are weighing you down?
How to come to terms with the death of a friend?
How to deal with anger?

- ask:
no bad-mouthing please
hug another

- shout out loud:
I want to start a family!
I want to decide!
I want!

Natalia sings: “I'm scared of My ever-larger shoes.”

Magda says: “A doll lets itself be rocked around by everybody. I won't let myself be rocked around like that. Doll has no right to her opinion. It's sad that she can't decide whether she wants to be rocked around or looked after."

In addition to their own experience, the creators of the performance were also inspired by the poetry of Krystyna Miłobędzka.

Jest Jak Jest is a theatre group composed of members of the Poznań-based communities which gather persons with various disabilities. They include residents of two houses run by the L'Arche Poland Foundation, participants of the Occupational Therapy Workshops run by the Association NA TAK, as well as those cared for by the ISKRA Association for the Disabled and the Daily Adaptation Centre. Several actors tackle the obstacles of everyday life on their own. The group has been working at ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań since 2019, while in 2022 the actors’ carers also became involved in its artistic activities. They are assisted by Grażyna Wydrowska, who ensures artistic supervision of the company.

Grażyna Wydrowska - actress, director, theatre educator. Co-founder of the legendary Wierzbak Theatre. She conducts workshops and trainings as well as initiates intergenerational projects which fuse art and the social component. Winner of the Stanisław Wyspiański Youth Art Prize, the Jan Dorman Artistic Award and the Award of the Council of Ministers. The contribution to culture has been recognized with the title One among the hundred women citizens in Greater Poland as part of the Time of Women Citizens project. Wydrowska’s classes, workshops and activities are addressed to professional artists and amateurs alike, spanning all ages: children, adults and seniors.

directed by: Grażyna Wydrowska

music: Joanna Sykulska

set design and costumes: Jarosław Szelest

choreography: Artur Bieńkowski

visuals: Bartłomiej Wąsiel

performers: Piotr Bartoszewski, Alicja Bochniak, Magdalena Gombowska, Natalia Jaskowska, Patryk Krauze, Krystyna Morawska, Rafał Różański, Jakub Ruciński, Artur Warchoł, Alicja Zacharczuk

PSL interpreter:

produced by: ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań

Tickets: PLN 30 (regular), PLN 20 (reduced).

This performance presented as part of Europe Beyond Access project, thanks to funding from the Creative Europe.


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