ZAMEK Culture Centre

How to visit the castle?

Sightseeing with a castle guide:
If you are interested in visiting the Castle with our guide, please email us at In your email, please include the date you would like to visit the Castle, the number of people in the group and its type (e.g., senior group, family group, organized tour, group of people with additional needs), and your contact information. Because not all of our guides feel fluent in English, we ask you to plan your trip in advance. Also, we are capable of organizing tours in other languages, but need time to arrange a proper guide for them.
If in doubt, you can also call the telephone number: 61 64 65 288.

The tour price consists of the guide fee (independent of the number of people in the group) and the ticket fee (dependent on the number of people in the group).
Tours for adults
Tickets: PLN 15 per person
Guide fee: PLN 200 (Polish language), PLN 300 (foreign language - please write beforehand to arrange the language of the tour)
Tour time: approx. 60 minutes
Maximum number of people in a group: 50

We do not have guided tours for children in languages other than polish.
Purchase of tickets and payment of fees are made at the ZAMEK CK ticket office. There is a possibility of prepayment. If you wish to pay the fee in advance, please email
Guided castle tours can be booked between g. 12 to 18 (start of tour no later than at 6 pm).

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