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Screening: 24.10., g. 14

1. STARTING POINT, dir. Michał Szcześniak, Poland 2014, 26’

Aneta ‘rebelled to the max’ at the age of nineteen and wound up in prison for murder. Nine years later, her daily routine takes her from behind the walls of the prison to a care home for the elderly. One of the residents, Helena, has been ill ever since infancy. She is fascinated by the phenomenon which is Aneta. In her opinion, the young woman has everything she could want for. And so Helena, whose knowledge of the world has come “from the windows of hospitals and coaches”, avidly asks Aneta about her life. A test awaits Aneta… and help will come from Helena.

2. A VISIT, dir. Matej Bobrik, Poland 2013, 11’

This Welfare Home is situated near the Polish and Belarusian border. Surrounded by magical forest, far away from civilization, residents of the Home lead peaceful and quiet life. It seems the only variance in their life is the Sunday family visits. From the early morning they start to prepare for the families' arrival. However, with every passing hour, the hope to see their relatives diminishes. The residents have no choice but to believe their visitors have lost their way in the forest, but will surely come back next week.

3. 21 DAYS, dir. Damian Kocur, 2014, 22’

Michał is twenty-eight and he lives in Warsaw. Every day, he transports the Varsovians around in one of the hundreds of city buses. And he’s striving to meet his other half. In search of a solution after countless attempts, he comes across a course which promises to equip him what he needs to find his soulmate. A tool called 21 Days because, according to scientists, that’s the precise length of time the human intellect requires in order to learn new behaviour. What might await him at the end of this road? Will it be love? 

4. CLOSE TIES, dir. Zofia Kowalewska, 2016, 18’

Barbara and Zdzislaw are soon to celebrate their forty-fifth anniversary. It would have been quite the occasion if not for the fact that Zdzisław spent eight of those years living with another woman. Now he's back with his wife, although she claims that if it were not for her husband's infirm legs, he would still be chasing skirts around Cracow. In spite of everyday bickering, somewhat inexplicably, their relationship perserveres. 


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