ZAMEK Culture Centre

Waed Bouhasssoun

Waed Bouhassoun sees music as the most perfect of ways of experiencing the world and expressing one's identity. The Syrian-born artist discovers, explores and passionately sings Arabic poetry - from its earliest pre-Islamic forms, through medieval Andalusian muwashshah, to contemporary forms.

One of the most fascinating areas of her research is the mysterious culture of the Nabataeans, ancient inhabitants of the Middle East, eminently gifted architects, builders, musicians and poets. Their majestic rock cities adorn the western part of the Jabal As-Sahla' massif in Jordan, and their poetry echoes in the musical traditions of southern Syria bordering Jordan, where Waed was born.

The artist not only sings but also accompanies herself on the oud, which she learned to play as a little girl. She is accompanied by Neșet Kutas, playing percussion instruments, and Emine Bostanci, playing kemenche - a small, three-stringed instrument that rests on the knees, similar to the Suka known in Poland.