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Julie Chovin

Julie Chovin will conduct a three-day workshop with the inhabitants of Poznan, including urban walks, discussions, collections of elements. The results will then be compiled and published in a booklet. “Walking, and even more climbing, it is to transform the wait to hope by the only virtue of movement. Man in especial, has a particular need of fixed points to move away from and come back to, to enjoy successively the pleasure derived from distance and emotion of approach, to introduce the sense of the sacred in their life”. Marc Augé, The Impossible Journey: Tourism and Its Images


Julie Chovin explores the identities of cities. Like the flâneur, she wants to discover Poznań’s identity (or identities) from its architecture and signs, but also from the experience of her own body and walks. Rather than seeing a static or frozen image, she understands cities as a vibrant body, with its flux and reflux, vibrations and circulations, or even absence of the latter. Not only does she take notice of urbanistic layouts and architecture, but also perceives the inverse, empty spaces, spaces between and around buildings, their height, their surfaces and density. As in the psychogeographic walks of Situationists or actions of the Stalker group, she will drift inside the city without any plan. Julie Chovin will create a map the city, or a part of it, with landscape photographs as well as drawings inspired by the walking experience. The elements collected during the walks, the paths she follows will be used in a collage,  thus making up  a map. The piece will not be a mere urbanistic blueprint, but a sensitive and synesthetic view of the city. The artist wants to stimulate and elicit its imaginary instead of just making a documentary about it.

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