ZAMEK Culture Centre

ETHNO PORT 2022: DJ Loin du Vietnam (Festival Club)

DJ Loin du Vietnam is another image of Piotr Tkacz - a cultural animator associated with such initiatives as "Za duszno" and FRIV, a publicist cooperating with Glissandem, Ruch Muzyczny and Radio Kapitał.

"However, the action of chance is naturally conservative and in a new setting, everything is reduced to habit and a limited number of variants appear. Since progress means breaking out of one of the areas of randomness by creating new conditions, more favourable ones, it can be said that although the randomness of floating is fundamentally different from the randomness of strolling, the discovery of the first psychogeographical axes of attraction may make the drifting entity/group attracted to new areas, so that they will constantly return to them" - DJ Loin du Vietnam.

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