ZAMEK Culture Centre


This time, we are going to learn looking at architecture on the example of St. Martin Street. During the workshops conducted by Pola Lisowska, children will become little architects, creating mock-ups of the small and grand architecture of the street. At noon, we are going to take a walk along the newly opened and thoroughly refurbished section of St. Martin’s, find out about its history and buildings, as well as about new solutions designed by Studio ADS and the potential latent in that area. Following the walk, Jakub Głaz will tackle the harmful conviction that architecture—like individual tastes—is something you do not talk about.

hr 11
“St. Martin Street in Miniature” – architecture workshops for children aged 6-12

hr 11.15
“Allied Mission at the Castle” – a lecture on the history of the Castle

hr 12
“The Transfiguration of Saint M.” – a walk along St. Martin’s

hr 13.30
“Portraits of Architecture” – workshops in looking at architecture for persons aged 15+

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