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ZAMEK Culture Centre is an interdisciplinary institution which showcases the most compelling phenomena of contemporary culture in the fields of visual arts, theatre, filmmaking, music and literature. Therefore, we set great store by nurturing individual competence and sensitivity in the audience as well as catering to their diverse needs. We seek to create the conditions in which works and projects can be created and presented, as well as enable the exchange with the interested public, which is vital for our institution and the involved artists alike.

We hereby announce open call for projects to be delivered as part of the 2025 residency programme. It may be noted that next to creative work, the presence of the artist-in-residence at Zamek and their interaction with the public are crucial elements of their residency. Also, we place a premium on projects which take the nature and the functioning of our institution into account, as well as integrate accessibility solutions to enable participation of various audience groups.


Two types of residencies are available:

– CONCEPTUAL RESIDENCY, i.e. a creative stay during which artist(s) work on a project or a part of a project; the artist(s) is not required to complete or present the final outcome of their work,


– OPERATIONAL RESIDENCY, concluding with an artistic event.

The stay may span 8 to 12 weeks.


The artist is ensured:

 – accommodation in an apartment located in the former imperial residence,


   fee (PLN 4,000 gross per month), subject to a contract for specific work

  production budget (PLN 6,000 – 11,000 gross, depending on the length of stay and type of the project),

– curatorial support,

    publicity relating to the residency and the project.


The following are expected:

With regard to conceptual residency:

– meetings with the audience in any form (lecture, presentation, artist talk, workshop, etc.) at least once every three weeks.

With regard to operational residency:

– meetings with the audience in any form (lecture, presentation, artist talk, workshop, etc.) at least once every three weeks and a final artistic event (exhibition, concert, film screening, etc.).


Various suggestions are welcome, although we are particularly interested in supporting projects which:

– explore changing realities of life, ask questions about the current situation and envision the future, whether in relation to climate and migration crises, war in Ukraine or social and political issues,

– are inspired by the context of the Castle, its history and architecture

  use any modality of artistic expression (visual arts, music, sound art, dance, performance, choreography, architecture, filmmaking), with the exception of literature.


We look forward to submissions whose scale corresponds to the budget of the programme. In view of the available premises and staff, we do not expect to carry out any projects co-financed from external sources.


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