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ENDSPIEL\director: Jacob Höhne\ RambaZamba Theatre (Germany)

"Endspiel" by the RambaZamba Theatre
from Berlin is a breathtaking staging
of Beckett’s "Endgame". The play delves
into the social and cultural chasms
of the 20th century. The spectrum of meanings reaches into very contemporary times, addressing the volatile relationships between society and the individual.
In "Endspiel", Clov and Hamm are played by handicapped artists: Jonas Sippel (an actor with Down syndrome) and Sven Normann (blind actor, suffering from paresis of the lower limbs). Clov, his vision unimpaired,
is obsessed with fitness. The other, sightless and crippled, contemplates the meaninglessness of existence. Their figures symbolize two extremes of existence, repelling and attracting each other simultaneously. 



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